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Golf and the printed word! They say there are several thousand books that have given the golfer:
  • Instruction from famous and not so famous "masters of the game" 
  • Catalogued the equipment of today and yesteryear
  • Provided history on the many centuries since golf became a recognized pastime
  • Added humor when all seemed lost
  • Provided psychology to comfort our spirit
  • Put Golf into the myriad of books of fiction
  • Told the story of those golfers that won on and off the course
  • Profiles the Golf Venues that offer the challenges and beauty
  • Tell us the history of the Country Clubs that have provided congenial sport for many generations...
  • Those that even tell us how and what to collect to remind us of the golfer's past...

    Here are those that have found their way to our bookshelves...

Golf Book NickalausGolfer BookGolf Book HistoryGolf Book New England New to collection!

Author Date Title Author Date Title
Acorn 1981 The Method McGurn 1967 Golf Power In Motion
Alfredson 1998 A Good Swing is Hard to Find McLean 1990 Golf Digest, Book of Drills
Armour 1953 How to Play Your Best Golf McLean 1994 The Eight-step Swing
Armour 1959 A Round of golf with Tommy Armour McLean 1994 The Putters Pocket companion
Astor 1991 Golf Hall of Fame McMillan 1993 Golfers Home Companion
Aultman 1969 Learn to Play Golf Merrins 1973 Swing the Handle, Not the Clubhead
Aultman 1970 Square to Square Golf Swing Miller 1977 Americas Greatest Golfing Resorts
Aultman 1982 20 ways to hit it farther Miller 1985 Golf the Ageless Game
Autlman 1975 Methods of Glof's Masters Miller 1992 Town & Country World of Golf
Averly 1996 A little History of Golf Miller 1993 Holographic Golf
Baddiel 1991 Golfing Ephemera Mintzer 1995 The Everything Golf Book
Baker 1972 How to Play Golf in the low 120's Morrison 1932 A New Way to better Golf
Ballard 1981 How to Perfect Your Golf Swing Morrison 1990 The Pictorial History of Golf
Ballesteros 1982 Seve: The Young Champion Murphy 1990 The Bathroom Golf Book
Ballingall 1994 Learn Golf in a Weekend Murphy 1992 Golf in the Kingdom
Bamberger 1986 The Green Road Home Murphy 1997 The Kingdom of Shivas Irons
Bamberger 1992 To The Linksland Murray 1999 Cinderella Story
Barkow 1974 Golf's Golden Grind NBC sports 1967 Golf Guide
Barkow 1998 Golf Legends of All time Neilsen 1995 Stupid Little golf Book
Barnes 1919 Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes Nelson 1995 The Little Black Book
Baron 1967 Golf Resorts of the USA Newport 2000 The Fine Green Line
Bartlette 1980 The Golf Book Nicklaus 1964 My 55 Ways to Lower your score
Baugh 1995 Out of the Rough Nicklaus 1966 The Best Way to Better Golf, #2 of series
Beard 1987 PRO Nicklaus 1969 The Greatest Game of All
Beck 1991 Golf Tales Nicklaus 1974 Golf  My Way
Berg 1950 Golf Illustrated Nicklaus 1978 On and Off the Fairway
Berg 1977 Inside golf for Women Nicklaus 1981 Playing Lessons
Bernhardt 2002 Final Round Nicklaus 1984 The Full Swing
Biddulph 1980 The Golf Shot Nicklaus 1991 Play Better Golf
Billin 1989 Golf Book of Records Nicklaus 1997 My Story
Bishop 1998 A passion for golf Nicklaus` 1977 Lesson Tee
Blake 1972 The golf swing of the Future Noble 1981 Official Duffers Rules of Golf
Blanchard 1992 Playing the Game of Golf Norman 1995 Advanced Golf
Bolt 1971 The Hole Truth Norman 1995 Shark Attack
Boomer 1992 On Learning golf  (orig 1946) Novak 1950 Par Golf in 8 Steps
Boros 1965 Swing Easy, Hit Hard Obitz 1977 Six Datys to Better Golf
Bortolin 1994 Golf's Greatest Lessons Olman 1992 Golf Antiques and other Treasures
Bost Ent 1983 Secrets to the short game Oman 1988 9 commandments of golf
Boswell 1987 Strokes of Genieus Ostroske 1991 Correct the 10 Most Common Golf Problems In 10 days
Bowler 2001 The Cosmic Laws of Golf Ostroske 1993 Power Swing in 15 days
Bradbeer 1998 The Golf Handbook Overton The Foundations of the Golf Swing
Brae 1997 Brae Burn Country Club Owen 1995 My Usual Game
Brown 1998 Masters Memories Owen 1997 Lure of The Links
Brownlow 1998 They call it Golf Owen 1999 complete Office Golf
Burke 1954 The Natural Way to better Golf Owens 1989 Golf, Steps to Success
Burke/Nelson 1963 How to Solve your Golf Problems Pace 1986 Target Golf
Callahan 1994 Around the World in 18 holes Palmer 1970 Situation Golf
Campell 1998 Ultimate Golf Techniques Palmer 1983 My Game and Yours
Canfield 1999 Chicken Soup for the golfers soul Palmer 1987 Play Great Golf
Carr 1996 The complete Book of Golf Palmer 1995 Honor and Glory
Casper 1973 195 Golf Lessons Palmer 1997 Golf Journal
Castle 1986 Golf, A turn of the Century Treasury Palmer 1999 A golfers life
Chambers 1995 The Unplayable Lie Patterson 1996 Miracle on the 17th Green
Chieger 1985 Inside Golf Paul 1984 Golf Clubmaking and Repair
Chinnock 1976 How to Break 90 Consistently Pavin 1997 Shotmaking
Clay 2003 My Best Day in Golf Peck 1999 Golf & the Sprit
Concannon 1995 Golf the Early Days Pedroli 1992 The American Golfers Guide
Cooke Bob Cookes Golf School Penick 1992 Little Red Book
Coop 1993 Mind Over Golf Penick 1993 And If you Play Golf, You're my firend
Cornish 1988 The Golf Course Penick 1995 For all who love the Game
Couples 1994 Total Shotmaking Penick 1996 The Game for A lifetime
Coyne 1973 The New Golf for Women Penick 1997 The Wisdom of Harvey Penick
Critchley 1993 Golf in all its glory Peper 1982 Golf Supershots
Croker 1987 Spaulding's Better Golf Peper 1986 Golf Courses of the PGA Tour
Dale 2000 Tiger Woods Made Me look like a Genius Peper 1991 Grand Slam
Dante 1947 The Nine Bad Shots of Golf Peper 1994 Golf In American (1st 100 years)
Darden 1994 The Way of An Eagle Peper 1995 Golfwatching
Davis 1973 Four magic moves to winning golf Peper 1999 The Story of golf
Davis 1991 The World's Best Golf Perex 1999 USA & Europe, The Ryder Cup
Davis 1994 The Hogan Mistique Perry 1970 Billy Casper: Winner
Davis 1996 The Greatest of Them all (bobby Jones) Phillips 1976 Teach Yourself Golf
DeGarmo 1954 Play Golf and Enjoy It Piven 2002 Worst Case Scenario
Delery 1993 Golf, 100 years of the US Open Platte 1958 Better Golf Through Better Practice
Dey 1972 Golf Rules in Pictures Platts 2000 The Illustrated History of Golf
Diaz 1994 Golf, A beginners Guide Player 1962 Gary Players Golf Secrets
Dobereiner 1978 The Glorious world of Golf Player 1980 Golf Book for Young People
Dodson 1996 Final Rounds Player 1988 Golf Begins at Fifty
Dodson 2002 The Dewsweepers Potter 1968 Golfmanship
Donovan/Murdoch 1988 The game of golf & printed word pottinger 1972 Muirfield and the Honourable company
Dye 1995 Bury Me In a Pot Bunker Pressfield 1995 The Legend of Bagger Vance
Edwards 1997 Tiger Woods, American Master Price 1964 The American Golfer
Els 1996 Build a Classic Golf Swing Price 1972 Sports Illustrated Golf
Feinstein 1995 A Good Walk Spoiled Price 1982 Golfer at Large
Feinstein 1998 The First Coming (Tiger Woods) Prograqm 1999 The 33rd Ryder Cup Matches
Feinstein 1999 The Majors Quinzi 1980 The Women's World of golf
Flick 1974 Square to Square, Golf in Pictures Rankin 1976 A Natural Way to Golf Power
Floyd 1989 From 60 yards In Redman 1993 Essentials of the Golf Swing
Floyd 2000 The Elements of Scoring Reilly 1996 Missing Links
Ford 1960 How I play Inside Golf Resnick 1996 The Little Treasury of Golf
Ford 1965 The Wedge Book Roberts 1976 Story of Augusta National Golf Club
Ford 1985 Getting Started in Golf Robinson 1959 Golf Secrets of the Pros
Forecast 1996 Developing your golf rance Rodgers 1986 Play Lower Handicap Golf
Fosher 1998 The golfer and the Millionaire Rodriguez 1990 101 Super Shots
Fox 1996 Natural Golf Rolex 1998 98th US Open
Frank 1990 Private Lessons Rolex 1999 99th US Open
Frost 2002 The Greatest Game Ever Played Rolex 2000 100th US Open
Furjanic 1999 Antique golf Collectibiles Rosaforte 1996 Heartbreak Hill
Galin 1967 Golf in Europe Rosaforte 1997 Tiger Woods
Gallwey 1981 The Inner Game of Golf Rosenburg 1965 The Putter Book
Garber 1988 Golf Legends Rotella 1995 Golf is not a game of perfect
Garber 1988 Legends Rotella 1996 Golf Is a game of confidence
Garvin 2000 The Women's Guide To Golf Rusher 1990 How to Line Up your fourth Putt
Geiberger 1980 Tempo Sampson 1996 Hogan
Gleason 1976 The great,the grand and the also ran Sanders 1987 Action on the First Tee
Golf & Club Magazine Lower your Golf Schore Sarazen 1941 The Golf Clinic
Golf Digest 1964 How to solve your golf problems Sarazen 1967 Better Golf after fifty
Golf Digest 1965 Better Golf for Boys Schultz 1996 A good Caddie is Hard to find!
Golf Digest 1974 Great Colf courses of the World Schwartz 1990 The Art of Golf
Golf Digest 1978 Instant Golf Lessons Scott 1959 Golf With The Experts
Golf Digest 1982 100 Greatest Golf Couses and then some Scott 1978 Dictionary of Golf
Golf Digest 1986 100 Greatest Golf Courses Shanley 1997 Fathers, sons & golf
Golf Digest 1993 New England Golf Guide Shaw 1998 Diamonds In the Rough
Golf Digest 1998 Total Golf Shay 1978 40 Common Errors in Golf
Golf Magazine 1969 Tips from the Teaching Pros Shedloski 2001 Golden Twilight (Nicklaus)
Golf Magazine 1970 America's Golf Book Sheehan 1972 Best Golf Humor
Golf Magazine 1971 Handbook of golf Strategy Sheehan 1979 The Whole Golf Cataloque
Golf Magazine 2004 Better by Saturday Sheehan 1994 A passion for golf
Golf Magazines 1962 Your Short Game Sheehan 1996 Patty Sheehan on Golf
Golf Society 1998 A season of Greatness Shell 1975 The Shell International Encyclopedia of Golf
Golf world 1973 The world of Golf 1973 Shipnuck 2001 Bud, Sweat & Tees
Golfers Digest 1974  Encylopedia for all Golfers Shoemaker 1996 Extraordinary Golf
Goodner 1978 Golf's Greatest Smedley 1994 Golf Cards: Tobacco Cards
Goodwin 1986 The Greatest Masters Smith 1996 The gods of golf
Graff 1974 So you want to play golf Smith 1998 How to find your perfect golf swing
Graham 1978 Mastering Golf Snead 1953 Natural Golf
Green 1989 Classic Holes of Golf Snead 1965 The Driver Book
Gregory 1987 Greatest Moments in Golf Snead 1975 Sam Snead Teaches you his simple key approach to golfe
Grout 1982 On the Lesson Tee Snead 1978 Golf Begins at Forty
Guest 1993 Arnie, inside the Legend Snead 1997 The Game I love
Gustavson 1954 Enjoy Your Golf Sommers 1989 Great Shots
Hall 1992 The Excutive Trap Sommers 1995 Golf Anecdotes
Hallberg 1989 Pefect Lies, Century of Great Golf Stories Sorenstam 2004 Golf Annika's Way
Hamilton 1958 Golfing America Spearman 2004 AIM of Golf
Hamlyn 1984 Play the Game Golf Spooner 1993 The Foursome
Hattstrom 1946 Golf After Forty Sports closeups 1988 Greg Norman
Hauser 1994 Arnold Palmer, personal Journey Sports Illustrated 1994 Golf
Hay 1980 Skills and Tactics of Golf Sports Illustrated 1997 Tiger Woods, making of a champion
Hay 1986 Golf School Sports Illustrated 2000 The Year in Pictures
Hayes 1994 The Junior Golf Book Stanley 1997 Legends of Golf
Heard 1992 Golf Secrests of big money pros steels 1965 The Golfers Bedside Book
Heise 1961 How You Can Play Better Golf using self-hypnosis steels 1975 The Encyclopedia of Golf
Henderson 1982 The Compleat Golfer steels 1987 Golf Records,facts, champiosn
Hepburn 1984 Worlds 72 Toughest Golf Holes steinbreder 1996 Golf Courses of the US Open
Hepburn 1989 Americans Most difficult Golf Holes Steward 2000 Payne Steward
Heuler 1995 Perfecting your Golf Swing stirk 1987 Golf, History of an Obsession
Hobbs 1982 In Celebration of Golf Strange 1990 Win and Win Again
Hobbs 1991 On The Green Swarbrick 1972 The Duffer's Guide to Bogey Golf
Hobbs 1992 The Golf Quotation Book Swarbrick 1973 The Duffers Guide to Bogey Golf
Hobbs 1996 golf in Art Thomas 1997 Ben Hogan's Secret
Hobbs 1997 Ultimate Encyclopedia of golf Thomas  1988 The New World Atlas of Golf
Hobbs 1997 Golfers Companion Thomason 1969 This Wonderful World of Golf
Hoffman 1987 America's Greatest Golf Courses Toski 1975 The touch system for better Golf
Hogan 1948 Power Golf Toski 1977 Bob Toskis complete guide to Better Golf
Hogan 1955 The Complete Guide to Golf Toski 1981 Golf for A lifetime
Hogan 1985 Ben Hoga's Five Lessions Toski 1981 Golf For A Lifetime
Hope 1985 Confessions of a Hooker Toski 1985 How to Become a Complete Golfer
Horn 1997 Golf is a Woman's Game Toski 1988 How to Feel A real Golf Swing
Hotchkiss 1997 500 years of golf balls Trevino 1985 The Snake in the Sandtrap
Hsarber 1993 Complete Guide to Cape Cod Golf Triumph 1994 PGA Tour
Huggin 1994 Cure Your Slice Forever Tucker 1986 Golf and TLM
Irwin 1986 Golf Atlast Updike 1996 Golf Dreams
Jacobsen 1993 Buried Lies US Open 1984 The Open Championship of 1984
Jenkins 1970 The dogged Victims of inexorable fate USGA 1972 Golf Rules in Pictures
Jenkins 1986 Dead Solid Perfect USGA 1993 Decisions on the rules of golf
Johnson 1993 How to win the three games of golf USGA 1994 Golf the Greatest Game
Jones 1937 Swinging Into Golf Van Riper 1975 Golfing Greats, 2 top pros
Jones 1977 Swing the Clubhead VanKampen 1992 Visual Golf
Jones 1984 bobby Jones of Golf Vardon 1986 The Complete Golfer
Jones 1991 Great Golf Stories Venturi 1967 Comeback, Ken Venturi Story
Kaskie 1982 A Woman's Golf Game Vernon 2000 The Greatest Player who never lived
Keane 1974 The Tour Vernon 2001 The Greatest Course that never was
Kelley 1979 The Golfing Machine Voorhees 2000 As Hogan Said
Kenyou 1968 The Golfers Bible Voorhees 2001 Over the Hill golfer
Kite 1990 How to play consistent Golf Wade 1991 And then Jack said to Arnie
Kite 1997 A Fairway to Life Wade 1993 And then Arne Told Chi Chi
Klein 1971 Great Moments in Golf Wade 1993 Swing Thoughts
Kostis 1982 The Inside Path to Better Golf Wade 1996 And then fuzzy told Seve
Kroen 1988 The Why Book of Golf Wade 1998 And then Reggie told Tiger
Kroen 1992 So You Think You know Golf Wade 2002 Take Dead Aim
Lazaro 1978 The Right Touch Wall Street Journal 2001 Portfolio Golf Cartoons
Leadbetter 1990 The golf Swing Wallach 1995 Beyond the Fairway
Leadbetter 1995 Faults and Fixes Ward 1988 Golf's Strangest Rounds
Leadbetter 1995 Lessons from the Golf Greats Wartman 1990 Playing Through
Learner 1982 Golf is for me Watson 1980 The Rules of Golf
lee 1994 Gravity Golf Watson 1984 The New Rules of Golf
Leebow 1999 300 things for golfers internet Watson 1987 Getting Up and Down
Liberty 1986 18 Tips from 18 Legends of Golf Watson 1993 Strategic Golf
Links 1995 Follow the Wind Weeks 1992 The World's Greatest Golf Courses
Littler 1976 Gene Littler, The Real Score Whitworth 1990 Golf For Women
Lopez 1979 The Education of A woman Golfer Williams 1987 Unique Golf Resorts of the World
Love 1997 Every Shot I take Williams 1988 Grand Slam
Low 1984 The Master of Putting Wilson 1980 The Best of Henry Longhurst
Lumb 1987 Beginners Guide to golf Wind 1955 Tips from the top
Lumb 1988 The Complete Book of Golf Wind 1975 The Story of American Golf
Lumb 1995 Golf Tips Wind 1976 The World Atlas of Golf
Lupo 1992 How to Master A Great Golf Swing Wiren 1984 Super Power Golf
Mackenzie 1990 Golf, the Mind Game Wodehouse 1973 The Golf Omnibus
Mahoney 1973 The golf History of New England Wodehouse 1983 FORE 
Mair 1989 Golf Clinic Woods 1997 Training a Tiger
Mann 1992 The 19th Hole Woods 2001 How I Play Golf (Tiger Woods)
Margonies 1987 Miniature Golf woodsworth 1992 Golf Jokes
Mastroni 1997 Insiders Guide to Golf Equipment Wren 1975 One move to better golf
McAllister 1999 The Green Wright 1999 Good Bounces, Bad Lies
McCarthy 1989 Beauty of Golf New York State Wwadsworth 1968 Beginning Golf
McCormack 1975 World of Professional Gofl Zullo 1998 When bad things happen to Good Golfers
McCormack 2000 World of Professional Gofl 2000 Zullo 2000 Golf Astrology
McCormick 1967 Arnie 1998 20th century Golf Chronicle
McCormick 1974 The Beginners Guide to Golf