Antique and vintage golf clubs


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Yesteryear Golf, collecting antique and vintage golf items,  for those who love the game
Antique and Vintage Golf Clubs

From the earliest Hickories to the vintage steel shafts...autograph putters and persimmon woods...a lot of variety for those that love to collect the unique Club offerings of yesteryear's golf history.


Golf clubs were given NAMES rather than numbers in the early days. Prior to 1920 matched sets were rare; most golfers used golf clubs that were individually constructed  and a golfer assembled a set by purchasing a baffy here and a cleek there - as need arose - and money was available.

Here are some of the NAMES to look for:

  Driver Brassie Spoon Wooden Cleek
  Bulldog Baffy, Brassie Iron Wooden Iron Cleek
  Driving Irons 1-Iron Driving Mashie Push Iron
  Sammy 2-Irons Mid Irons Mashie Iro
  Iron Approaching Cleek Mongrel Mashie 3-Irons
  Jigger 2 Mashie 4-Iron Spade
  Mashie Benny Mashie Niblick Niblick
  Rake Rutting Iron Tracking Iron Putter